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Sales Development Representatives

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Sales Bootcamp is an immersive sales training program that gives students 3-months of actual sales experience.

No fees. No deposit. No % of your salary.

How does it work?

Step 1

Take a 1-week sales bootcamp
(completely free)

Step 2

Work at a tech company for 3-months
(earn $2,500 per month)

Step 3

Earn a guaranteed sales job
($82,000 average pay)

“Sales Bootcamp has helped solve the problem with ramping entry level SDRs by delivering a fantastic bootcamp program that focuses on industry best practices coupled with the training that makes Boomtrain’s sales culture unique. The reps contribute to our existing SDRs by helping research and prospect before tackling messaging themselves. We hire the top reps to full-time SDRs and they’re already ramped on day 1.”Tim Yandel, VP of Sales at Boomtrain

For Job Seekers

Need a job?

We pay you $7,500 and guarantee you a job

For Sales Leaders

Need to hire?

Hire an SDR with 3-months of Sales Dev experience

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