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Did you know that sales jobs are one of the most sought after roles in Bay Area tech companies? Most young college graduates don’t realize it, but these roles, especially sales, require sales training or sales training courses, plus real world experience to get your foot in the door and grow within a bay area startup.

Because of the high number of sales jobs and startup sales roles in tech, the competition for talent is increasing and it is only going to become more competitive. However, you would be surprised to know these startups are not just looking for tech-savvy candidates, in fact most of these companies find it difficult to fill the position of tech sales and sales management positions. According to a recent study, these positions are not just difficult to fill in Silicon Valley but are hardest to fill across the US. We realize how difficult this and crafted our sales bootcamp curriculum to include training, mentors, and want to be a solution to help our student break into tech.


If you are a recent graduate looking to join a sales bootcamp and want to break into tech, sales development representative roles are the best way to get started since it provides a foundation for lots of roles within tech. Rest assured, you will not have to stay in tech sales your whole life, and no matter where you end up, this foundation will definitely help. Sales Bootcamps give you the foundation to potentially move into marketing, operations, product or even gain experience to start your own tech startup, but a job in sales gives you a golden opportunity to learn, grow, and build tough skin and attitude it takes to work in startups.

People tend to shy away with starting in sales or taking a sales training course, but do not discount your role in sales in a startup. Today, sales is no longer just about shooting a number of transactions but is about acting as a trusted advisor to the company and its customers as potential buyers are often looking for strategic partners who can help them interpret the information they have on hand. The best sales professionals are ones that take the time to really understand a product.


While you can learn important sales techniques from just about any sales development job, a tech sales role will give you a diverse background for learning key tools, process, and network to take your skills into any industry. There are more intellectual challenges headed your way in a tech job and do not forget, you have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the world, but this also give you the chance to learn and fail fast. Because of the nature of technical sales, employees are pushed beyond their levels and hence are able to become more creative and start to think outside the box.


Not only will a sales development position in tech provide you the opportunity to earn a handsome paycheck but it will also allow you to advance your career at a tech startup and work your way to reach your dreams or getting always hired.  If you are serious about landing a job in tech, check out all our great sales resources for more detailed info.


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