Salary Expectations and Negotiation Tips For New Graduates

Getting started in sales development role can be hard, so it is key to get the most out of your first month on the job. If you have recently been hired, take your time to understand the company’s culture and environment. The early days of being a SDR may seem scary, yet thrilling, hence take your time to set attainable goals first and potentially take extra sales training classes. You will need to be fully up and running in your first few weeks and prove yourself, but is how you can work your way up in sales roles within an organization:


Your sales manager is there to help advance your career. Apart from just showing up to meetings, develop a productive relationship with your sales manager. Start by bringing in questions, initiating discussions and challenges. If you are struggling or having trouble with your new job, communicate your problems out there in the open. Make your meetings more productive by coming up with ideas you think you are mastering along with three challenges you are facing. Here are a number of questions you can ask:

  • What sales metrics will I be judged on?
  • What are the indicators that I am ready for my next sales role?
  • How can I prepare myself for my future sales role?

When discussing your progress with your sales manager, it is imperative you initiate a discussion about finding a sales mentor. Ask for multiple suggestions and find a mentor you can relate with. The more feedback you gain from mentors, the better your chances of getting always hired, and  building real relationships that will help you in the future.


In the first few weeks on the sales development role, spend your time effectively by taking notice of your surroundings. Listen in on the calls of other SDRs and sales development to gain valuable insight into the job. You are likely to make mistakes when you are new but the quicker you fail, the quicker you will succeed. Write down each objective and monitor your sales team’s best practices in getting the job done. Attend as many calls as you can during the first week so you are comfortable speaking to prospects in the future.


Develop a sixth sense about a sales prospect not being a good fit. New SDRs make the mistake of trying to book meetings with everybody, which may cause prospects to disqualify themselves in the future, wasting precious time and resources. Therefore, you should only book meetings with prospects which are likely to become customers in the long run.

Becoming an SDR is the perfect way to start your sales career in sales but your road to progress does not end here. Countless individuals are now pursuing a career in sales because they want to use sales bootcamps and sales trainings as a channel to launch their careers. With the right amount of perseverance and confidence, you will be able to move up and have endless options

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