Advice For When You Get Hired As A Sales Development Representative

You landed a job, congrats! Now the work really begins!

Once you start full-time, make sure to create a 30, 60, and 90-day plan to set goals with your manager. For anyone looking to start as an SDR, it is critical that you set expectations upfront with your manager and the overall sales organization. Below are some goals and to help guide you as you work with your team.

Day 0–30:

Get on the phones and start dialing. Experience is the best practice.
Meet with everyone on the sales team.
Ask lots of questions, take notes, and find a great mentor internally
Meet the marketing, product, and engineering team. You will be working with all of the teams, make sure you meet as many people as possible
Work towards setting your first five meetings.
Read and learn as much as you can with resources outside your company.

Day 30–60:

Ramp up to 50-70 calls per day.
Master your product and lead all discovery/intro calls.
Give input on prospective ICPs and Buyer Personas.
Start refining your pipeline and nail your SDR metrics.

Day 60–90:

Hit your meeting goals.
Gather feedback from your team.
100 calls per day minimum.
Work with your manager to establish new goals for your next quarter.

Make it a great first quarter with your new team, and remember to reach out to our team if we can help too!

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