4 Qualities Needed To Be a Successful SDR

New sales development reps come from all backgrounds but here is what we have seen with the most successful sales people we have met:

Good listener. Prospects don’t like to buy anything that is simply just reciting a company pitch. The best salespeople are the ones that actually listen to the customer’s problems and then is very direct if their product can act as a solution.

 A sense of humor and resilient. Every conversation can be good, bad, and ugly all rolled into one. Sales is really difficult, so be prepared to hear no ALOT and laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. SDR’s make over 100 calls per day, so know that connecting with 2-4% of these people actually means you are doing a great job!

Motivated by money. Tops sales people will grind it out no matter what to hit their quota. Companies want to hire and keep top performers and find salespeople that are motivated by making money because it drives more value for the business..

Well-trained with correct sales processes. You need to know how to sell yourself, your pitch, and your product. If you are considering more formal training, check out our free online sales bootcamp !

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