5 Podcasts From Reboot That Will Change Your Outlook on Startups

Reboot Podcast – Jerry Colonna and Startup Leaders — Jerry’s podcast is extremely powerful. If you haven’t heard of his work, take 10 mins and take a look at all the amazing stuff he and the Reboot team have done.

We’ve found his podcast so powerful because his guests are extremely authentic and he has a great group of people from startups, vc, and the tech community.

Here are some of my most recent favorite episodes we suggest you check out:

#59 – Everything Is Waiting for You – with Al Doan – Reboot

#53 – Transform Your Hustle – with Catherine Hoke and Brad Feld – Reboot

#50 – A True Place of Belonging – Reboot

#48 – When are you really an Entrepreneur? – with Sarah Weiler – Reboot

#45 Reboot Podcast with Brad Feld and Fred Wilson

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