How To Exceed Monthly Meeting Goals and Quota Expectations

A specific monthly goal for an SDR team doesn’t matter if the expectations and pipeline are inaccurate.

Typically an SDR can set around 20 meetings per month, but it is important to know how you will get there before throwing number out there so it sounds impressive to your boss our team. We’d consider the below before figuring out what the best goals are for yourself and your team goals.

Set proper expectations with the right math. Typically connection rate is around 2–4%, so that means that you need to work backwards for how many emails, calls, social touches it will take to set 20 meetings.

Know your pipeline. Warm inbound is much different than cold outbound performance, so know what you are getting yourself into before promising a number for a while team.

Make sure the meetings are qualified with align compensation. Make sure you SDRs are getting paid on qualified meetings and not just booking time on an AEs calendar to have vanity metrics.

Remember to include seasonality in goals. Every month will be different so make sure this is part of the goals.

Hope this helps and remember to check out the various lessons in our free online Sales Bootcamp!

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