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About Us

Sales Bootcamp is run by a group of individuals that have spent their careers building and scaling world-class sales teams.

Coaching Team

James 1

James Nielsen



Hailey Grisel

Relationship Manager


Ashleigh Early

Sales Coaching & Development

Niko 1

Niko Veatch

Career Growth & Placement

Michelle Headshot

Michelle Wolzinger

Relationship Manager

Nick 1

Nick White

Corporate Partnerships

Mimi headshot (for website)

Mimi Nielsen

Talent Advisor


Marlene Jia

Finance & Accounting


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Board of Advisors


Aaron Ross

Best selling author of Predictable Revenue and well known for creating $100 million in outbound revenue at Salesforce. Aaron is known as the Godfather of Sales Development.


Trish Bertuzzi

President of The Bridge Group and best selling author of The Sales Development Playbook. Trish is a world-renowned inside sales expert and advocate.


Max Altschuler

CEO of Sales Hacker and best selling author of Hacking Sales. Max has created a leading brand of sales events, conferences, and thought leadership.

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