Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sales Bootcamp?

Sales Bootcamp is a 1-week, part-time, free online sales training program that gives you the skills you need to earn your first job in tech sales. Sales Bootcamp also offers a Sales Apprenticeship that is a 12-week/12-module paid training program that trains entry-level SDRs in core areas of tech sales.

How much does it cost?

Sales Bootcamp is completely free to students. In fact, we pay you $7,500 to participate in our 12-week Apprenticeship. No fees. No deposit. No % of your salary.

Do I owe you some percentage of my salary after I graduate?

No. Free means free. Your salary is your money.  We will never ask you for any of your future salary.

What am I going to learn in the 1-Week Free Online Bootcamp?

The Free 1-Week Online Bootcamp includes online sales training, sales assignments and assessments, personalized live coaching, online office hours and how to apply and interview for a job. All are free!

What am I going to do in my 3-month Apprenticeship?

The Sales Bootcamp Apprenticeship is a 3-month sales training and certification program designed to transform individuals with little or no technology sales background into world-class prospectors and revenue generators. While working, you will have have the chance to also review sales modules including Salesforce, ICP and Buyer Personas, Cold Calling, Sales Metrics, Time Management, and Social Selling.

Do I have to stay at the company I work at during the apprenticeship or can I work somewhere else?

You are not required to stay with your company after the Apprenticeship but 95% of our apprentices do. If you wish to interview elsewhere, we will set up interviews for you.

Are all the Apprentices in San Francisco or New York?

No. More than half of our Apprenticeship are in San Francisco or New York but we have Sales Apprentices in many cities throughout the United States and Canada.

How much money will I make after graduation?

Most Sales Development Representative earn between $60,000 and $90,000 per year. Our graduates average $82,000 per year and several have started over $100,000.

How do I get started?

Enroll in our Free Online Bootcamp as a first step to getting started.

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