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Book More Meetings And Make Scheduling Easy For Prospects

Book More Meetings and Make Scheduling Easy For Prospects

Many sales development reps start their new job and quickly discover that it is hard to set a time on a prospects calendar. Some reps will waste 3-5 emails just trying to pick a time to connect with their prospect. Save yourself a headache and signup for Calendly for free.

Calendly works great fpr booking meetings with prospects, peers, anyone that you want to quickly schedule a meeting with.

It works well because it first gives the option for a custom welcome message, and the person can pick the calendar that is best for them. Sales Bootcamp example below:

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The end-user can then pick that day and time that works best. Notice that you can also limit specific days and times ( as an example next week is not available ).

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Customize your fields. It takes only 5 minutes to quickly customize your fields. See the example below, but you can add specific times, questions, and follow-up notes and notifications.

Screen Shot 2017 05 11 at 1.28.54 PM

Save time and start booking more meetings! 

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